921618 33 x 84 in. Windy Pass Sleep Bag – Red

921618 33 x 84 in. Windy Pass Sleep Bag – Red

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Wenzel creates the modern tools that families require to escape, recharge and reconnect in the outdoors. At the core of these experiences is ease and comfort. Our modern culture doesn’t put a premium on “roughing it” anymore. Perhaps at one time, the tent that sprang leaks in a rainstorm, itchy paper-thin sleeping bags and rocky floors were romantic, but not anymore. Romantic is helping your 9 year-old son meet his first frog face-to-face. Romantic is explaining to your 6 year-old daughter that the Milky Way is not just a candy bar. Romantic is a family, a fire, a stick and a bag of marshmallows. Wenzel knows that camping is not about the camp, it’s about where the camp lets you be. At Wenzel, or mission is to help more families experience the outdoors that we know. To do this, we run each product through a very specialized filter – Our families. New features for family camping are easy to talk about in boardrooms with power point presentations, but are a whole different story in the middle of the woods. We know what family camping is like, which is why we make the tents easy to set up, take down and pack away for next time. We make sleeping bags that unroll into roomy, warm cocoons that re-pack neatly to fit into tight spaces. We offer camp pads that smooth out the rough forest floor, making outdoor experiences more comfortable than ever. But more importantly, we are ambassadors to the outdoors, beckoning families to return to the place where memories are made and souls are fueled. Our aim is creating trendy and very unique sport accessories. We do modifications, testing, trying to find a factory and a design that could be aesthetic. Our backpack will be ideal from all with renewable durable and extremely strong patterns. We design our products with easy setup and storage. We value for our clients and encourage them with their passion.
Windy Pass 33″ x 84″ Mummy Bag is a perfect companion for your camping trips. It comes insulated with 56 oz. of Omaha II fill of polyester that keeps you warm through the night even at low temperatures, due to its 0° temperature rating. The soft liner provides all night warmth and comfort. The ends of this zero degree sleeping bag are fastened together with a self repairing, 2-way zipper with anti-snag tape to ensure durability. It features a full length 3-inch draft tube and 5-inch shoulder collar to force out the cold air and keep the warm air trapped in. It’s off string quilt construction with the sculpted drawstring hood makes the bag spacious and airy enough for you to sleep well. The Sleeping Bag comes complete with a duffle storage bag made of light oxford material that allows easy transportation and storage.
FeaturesWindy Pass Sleep Bag
SpecificationsColor: Red
Size: 33 x 84 in.


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